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Jan 2, 2013 4:30am PST
photographer died while trying to take pictures of justin biebers car. he was trying to take pictures while officers talked to bieber and his friends in the car. he was hit by another car. >>> police say 22-year-old carlito montoya shot a husband, wife, and employee at a bar during an argument on monday night. the wife survived. montoya was arrested when he was injured in a shootout with a security guard. city leaders say the shooting was an isolated incident. police canceled the midnight fire works show after the shooting but the show did go on at 8:00 the next morning. organizers say the fire works had to be set off for safety reasons. they were rigged with live charges and could not be stored. the surprised blast startled thousands of people. >>> a santa rosa school is asking for help after burglars broke in. they serve about 20 teenagers with learning disabilities. the students struggle at mainstream schools but are thriving at new horizon. they stole cash, the school van, and computers with software for students with dyslexia. >> these are kids that do not have laptops, they do not hav
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm PST
after taking pictures of justin bieber's car. it was a friend of justin bieber's who was driving it. the photographer was hit and killed while crossing the street moments after taking pictures of the car. he had been warned he was in a unsafe location. justin bieber today became the latest celebrity eto call for better protection -- to call for better protection against paparazzi. >>> woman was killed after her helicopter crashed. it is not known why it went down but it was constructing frost control when it crashed. >>> car company is being sold. they will buy zip car. they said car sharing is complimentary. zip car is a fast growing company that does $400 million in business in the u.s. >> reporter: fines and a shorter training period is part of the punishment for team u.s.a. they aused them -- accused them of spying on them last november. now a jury ordered oracle to return photos they took of the boat and fined them $15,000 and cut 5 days from the team's training period. >>> the start of 2013 has been chilly. now over to mark tamayo for how long the chilly weather will last. >> tempe
Jan 2, 2013 5:00am PST
apple merchandise. >>> back in this country super star justin bieber wasn't even in the car when a los angeles paparazzi photographer died trying to take pictures of biebers ferrari. justin bieber's friend were driving their car when they were pulled over by the chp. the photographer was trying to take pictures of it when he was hit and killed by another car. this was all being investigated by the l.a. pd. >>> pennsylvania governor plans to sue the ncaa over sanctions of proposal state. the sanctions include a $60 million fine to finance child abuse prevention grants statewide. pennsylvania lawmakers have objected to use the fine to finance other programs in other states. >>> in the deal to avert the fiscal cliff appears to be good news for hollywood. the legislation extends millions of dollars in tax incentives for the entertainment industry. films made in the u.s. can deduct up to $15 million in incentives. >>> the city of oakland is expected to start issuing identification cards to illegal immigrants starting next year. san francisco has a similar id card system in place. there is a
Jan 3, 2013 5:00am PST
trying to take pictures of justin bieber's car and justin bieber was not in the car. they are calling for new legislation to crack down on paparazzi. photographer argue that any laws like that violate the first amendment. >>> and the television network wasco founded and it will become part of al jazeer network. al jazeer is less interested in current programs and wants the contract it has with cable and satellight companies. >> initially it was because they developed a reputation which was toxic after the first gulf war because they were covering the caltranseltys of the -- casualties of the war. >> al jazeer has little to say about its current plans but they have plans to move their current headquarters to new york. they could dissolve of this spring but they are not commenting on that. >>> the all day rally raises awareness which establishes a bill of rights for the homeless. the bill includes pot luck to feed the poor. healthcare workers will hold a press conference in oakland announcing their plans to deal with a tax from employers. many have made their voices herd before but if they
Jan 3, 2013 4:30am PST
anti-paparazzi laws were needed. he was hit by an suv while trying to take pictures of justin bieber ferrari. photographer say, any laws will violate the first amendment. >>> he is proud and pleased with what happened in 2005. they have had a hard time gaining viewers but lineups could be just what he needs to be more prominent in this country. they have more about the common dictator on several shows. >> they will be able to find some following among arab viewers in america. >> the move could put it in closer competition with several programs. al jazeer does plan on moving to at&t park. >>> they hope customers will join in and starting today, starbucks will offer customers a plastic reusable cup. they give you a 10-cent discount when they bring in a reusable cup and they are actually cleaned with boiling water before the order is filled. >>> that feature is supposed to block all but most important devices for a set period of time. for now it continues to block communication later than scheduled. through next monday apple said users should turn the feature off manually. >>> here is y
Jan 2, 2013 6:00am PST
photographer died while trying to take photos of justin bibberies car -- justin bieber's car. the photographer was trying to take pictures while officers talked with bieber's friends in that car when he was hit and killed by another car. lapd is now investigating. >>> the city of oakland is expected to begin issuing identification cards to illegal immigrants beginning next year. san francisco has a similar id card system. there is also a program in the works in richmond. oakland's id cards will also act as debt cards. the idea is to make it easier for illegal workers to cash their checks to prevent them from walking around with large amounts of cash. critics are saying the program ligitimizes illegal immigration. >>> 49ers have signed a new kicker. a ten year nfl veteran. he tried out in santa clara yesterday. they will compete to see who will kick off in the playoffs. cundiff is trying to redeem himself after being released by the ravens and most recently the redskins. >>> the super bowl is more than a month away we already know something about the ads we will see. three ads will
Jan 2, 2013 7:00am PST
picture of justin bieber? @@ >>> clear skies out there. it will be sunny and nice. we need to crank it up. cold this morning, 20s, 30s and 40s. mid-50s maybe a few near 56, 57 towards san jose. >>> 8:13. the 49ers just signed a new kicker. billly cundiff. he will compete with david akers to see who will kick in the playoffs on january 12th. both kickers have had struggles. cundiff missed what would have been the tying field goal pat last year's afc championship when he played against the ravens. ravens later cut him. then he signed with the redskins and was released after five games. >>> fred, that was a great game yesterday. what was it like for you watching it from the side lines? >> reporter: you know, it was spenceful. i mean, there wasn't a -- suspenseful. i mean, there wasn't a lot of drama going on in terms of exciting plays. if you look at the game, stanford jumped right out to a big lead. they scored twice on their first two possessions and had almost half of their total yards in the first two possessions combined. after that, there was a punt fest. there was 13 punts in the game
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7